Avalon Mgmt, Los Angeles, CA (323) 930-6013 Contact: Kara Baker




APA Talent & Literary Agency, Beverly Hills, CA (310) 888-4200





3 responses to “Contact

  1. on the episode of chelsea lately that aired in the uk last night, you mentioned you are on there twice a month.

    you should be on a lot more often imo!

  2. Hi Jen,

    It was nice to see you Thursday at ‘Comedy90210.’ Wasn’t paying attention when you were introduced and used to seeing you blonde on ‘Chelsea.’ Not recognizing the degree of your celebrity probably made it easier to talk with you. That was really nice.

    I’ll make the drive to see you at ‘Tiger Lily’ May 11. All the best! Ken “Lamont” Conklin

    • Hey Ken
      I was not at Comedy 90210 the other night. Not sure who you were talking to but it was not me. That sure is weird. I was on a shoot that night and was not even realized I was booked on the show until someone mentioned to me the next day that I had not made it to there.

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