Strangers Bearing Gifts

I think I don’t understand the concept of a wedding registry. Obviously, I do understand it. I invite people to my wedding, they wonder what to buy me for a gift, they log on to certain stores where I’ve registered and pick out gifts.

But I can’t wait for the wedding. I want the gifts now. And some are not that expensive. Shouldn’t I just buy them now or can I not have a pitcher or a really cool wine opener until August of 2009?

I’ve been announcing on stage to audiences where I’m registered – as a joke. I say, “You don’t have to be invited to get a gift.” The people that frequent the shows I do around Los Angeles are pretty fun and it wouldn’t seem unlikely that they might take me up on it.


And I have to confess…every morning I log on to the registry and…nothing. I know the economy sucks and my ‘fans’ do enough for me by laughing and following what I do. I just had to admit somewhere that what started out as a joke on stage – has turned into at terrible obsession.


One response to “Strangers Bearing Gifts

  1. Sounds like someone went a little crazy with the scanner gun. In all fairness that’s a lot of responsibility to give to someone: You mean all I have to do is point this scanner at something I want and people will buy it for me?
    True story this girl I work with recently got married and her and the husband registered at BBQ World. I’m not one to judge, but that hillbilly sent out the announcement on electronic mail to everyone I work with including the boss.

    I just wanted to say congrats on the wedding and I hope you get everything on your registry list.

    The End

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