Jen Kirkman is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. Jen has performed in theatres and comedy clubs all over America, either headlining or as the feature act for comics like Greg Behrendt and Maria Bamford.
Jen was a regular cast member on Vh1’s “Acceptable TV” and voiced many voices on Cartoon Network’s “Home Movies.”
You may have seen Jen on: World Stands UP – BBC, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, NBC’s Late Friday, Starz’s Network “Special Sauce” and more.
Currently Jen is writing on the TV show Chelsea Lately on E! and is a regular roundtable guest.
You can catch Jen live usually at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Largo or The Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles, CA.
Jen was recently named one of the “12 Rising Stars of Comedy” by Entertainment Weekly.


Punchline Magazine:

Impose Magazine: href=”

Entertainment Weekly”>LA

Online Essays

Pop Rock Candy
(Featured Contributor for columns “Not That You Asked” and “The Registered Independent”…/printcopy.asp…/printcopy.asp

Bad Sex…from authors of…1192490&sr=8-1

Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped and Canceled

Cinemax – “1,000 Words or Less”

Clips From the VH1’s “Acceptable TV”
Legal Law
Sin Trek
Drunk Home Makeover
Medical Hospital
Law & Order TV Production Unit…roduction-Unit
Operation Kitten Calendar…itten-Calendar
Operation Kitten Calendar 2…ten-Calendar-2
Operation Kitten Calendar 3…dar-3Operation
Operation Kitten Calendar 4…ten-Calendar-4
Operation Kitten Calendar 5…ten-Calendar-5

Television Cartoon Voice Overs
Current TV’s SuperNews as Anne Coulter:
Current TV’s SuperNews: The Post Apocolypse Hills
Current TV’s SuperNews: It’s a Horrible Life
Cartoon Network’s Home Movies:

Paula’s mom

Television Stand-up Appearances
Craig Ferguson
The World Stands up

Chelsea Lately
Round Table:
Hills CSI:   


6 responses to “Bio/Press/Clips

  1. I just recently saw the latest installment of Drunk History and it cracked me up. After seeing a few ASSSCAT! shows up in Hollywood in the past and the DVD, it was a fun surprise to see you in there.

  2. Absolutely loved the Drunk History, yours was by far the most cleverly played drunk act I’ve seen since my sister’s bar mitzvah in which our cousin Samuel drank all the gold schnapps in protest to the events decadence.
    He was a hesiter-sveltz even back then, but he was never drunk, oh no. He slipped the schnapps into our uncle Hillel’s diet sprite (you see he was on a no sugar diet due to his diebetes), what he didn’t know was that uncle Hillel had been off the sauce for only 4 months and had only reached the 3 step on that AA pyramid chart they had him on. So he relapse and ran away with some young jewish girl from the old country, broke my aunt’s heart, never really recovered..

    Point is honey, you did a fantastic job.

  3. Thanks everybody!!! Meretricis, hope Hillel and Samuel are all okay now….oh, and of course your aunt. She can do better! 🙂

  4. I love you guys doing the hills on chelsea lately!!!!

  5. Jen–You’re always very funny on Chelsea’s roundtable. And you’re one of the best looking women on TV–just stunning. Keep the funny coming.

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