Stop Voter Suppression

Blah blah, Palin, blah, Obama, left, right, lies, etc.

Never mind the conventions right now. We have to stop voter suppression. If you think this country is dumb enough to ELECT Bush twice you are wrong.

From was born at the August 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles where Al Gore was nominated for President. That November, Karl Rove and Florida’s Secretary of State Katherine Harris stole the election.

While the theft was in progress, we organized “Count Every Vote” protests all across the country, helped the Congressional Black Caucus formally object to the counting of Florida’s stolen electors (a scene made famous in “Fahrenheit 9/11”), and protested George Bush’s inauguration in Washington DC.

Please help our friends at the Secretary of State Project stop Republicans from stealing the 2008 election.

When you pull the lever on Nov. 4, will your vote be safe? Or will it be stolen?

As the election draws closer, a quiet battle is raging all across America — the battle to protect our votes. Republican operatives are working overtime to manipulate the election, using tactics right out of Karl Rove’s playbook. Their goal: suppress Democratic voters, disenfranchise poor and minority citizens, do whatever it takes to get John McCain and Sarah Palin in the White House.

We all remember the Florida 2000 debacle. Katherine Harris handed the election to George W. Bush with her voter list “purges” and her crooked recounts. We can’t let it happen again.

Remember Cuyahoga County, Ohio in 2004? Corrupt voting officials there suppressed thousands of Democratic votes, perhaps even enough to swing Ohio, and thus presidency. Jennifer Brunner, a Secretary of State we helped elect in 2006, fired those officials. This is exactly what a reform-minded Secretary of State must do in all counties or town where our votes are at risk. We cannot allow another “mini-Katherine Harris”to steal the 2008 election.

Personally, I’ve seen the terrible damage that corrupt elections officials can do. That’s why I helped found the Secretary of State Project in 2006. We work to elect good Secretaries of State, and then to hold them accountable. We won 5 of our 7 races in 2006, helping elect clean, progressive Secretaries of State in the key battlegrounds of Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico and Nevada. But our work isn’t done.

Thank you for standing up for democracy,

Becky Bond
Secretary of State Project


One response to “Stop Voter Suppression

  1. You should see Uncounted the documentary about electronic voting and voter disenfranchisement, if you already haven’t. It’s pretty amazing

    The electronic voting machines are scary. Plus Diebold has openly lied to people like the Secretary of State for California, about how the machines work. And I know from some people I talk to here in DC that there’s been a lot of issues getting rid of them due to federal funding.


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