I want to blog whimsically but I just can’t seem to. I want to talk more about the RNC.

From what I did see (it was hard to watch and I had a stomach flu this week, no need to aggravate it) there was lots of mention about the “elite media.”

Hmm. Well, there is Fox News which is full of opinion and not really news, more like punditry. Touche with MSNBC for the left, particularly Keith Olbermann.

You can’t really say Chris Matthews is left. He just loves drooling, women in short pencil skirts and politics. He’ll sell you or himself out in ten seconds if it means airtime and more women in pencil skirts. He said a few years back during the Iraq war, when he was impressed that we took down a statue in Baghdad, “We are all Neo-Cons now!” And now he has man-love with Obama. Maybe in three years he’ll hit on a telephone. He just doesn’t count.

The rest of the media likes to “keep them honest” but after Anderson Cooper’s heroic reporting of Katrina – I see no need for him to then do an expose on pyschic Sylvia Brown. Really? There aren’t like 35 articles of impeachment for this administration that you could “keep” people “honest” about?

Katie Couric admitted that there was pressure at her network to not question the march to war in Iraq and to not report all the facts of the war.

We don’t show coffins coming home, like we used to. It is a way to honor soldiers but I guess, who could shop (like Bush wants us to) after seeing those sad images? It’s enough to make a girl want to stay home and eat ice cream.

So, there is no “elite” media.

My family members who are right wing complain that the New York Times never reports “good news.” So……we shouldn’t start at the top with the people who make bad news with their illegal wars? Let’s just say I was totally into Iraq Part II, they didn’t send enough troops in. If they had, perhaps we would not have had a false “mission accomplished” and then a need for a “surge” years later. Just ask GWB’s daddy, he sent in the right amount of troops and Iraq I was like the 2004 World Series, something was in the air and sweeeeep!

Also – how could Obama be “elite” when he’s worth $799,000 and McCain is a millionaire? Yes, as my right-wing friends have pointed out, McCain’s wife is rich. Oh, okay. So according to that logic, you were all totally fine with Kerry’s wife being rich too, right? I seem to remember you wouldn’t shut the fuck up about the fact that Kerry was a ketchup digger.

Also, I think “elite” is code word for intelligent, code word for “they want to use facts and logic – we want to use fear and money-obsession!” “Elite” reminds me of the South’s attitude towards the industrious North in the Civil War.

And Guiliani laughed at the fact that Obama was an organizer back in the day. All those Republicans laughed as though that was not experience enough. It wouldn’t be. But Obama was 22 years old when he was a Community Organizer, then he went to law school and went back to his community and then was a senator. Um….if we’re going to play the no experience card, fine. So let’s play it fair with Sarah Palin. Oh, she doesn’t have any? Even less than the big O? But wait, what’s that you say? It’s okay? Because in high school she played basketball? ARE YOU THE FUCK KIDDING ME? In Los Angeles, if you put high school plays on your resume, you’d be laughed out of town and acting in a movie doesn’t put anyone’s life at stake and you STILL need more experience!

Honestly, if the Repubs need to cling to the underdog identity have fun. And this country is so fucking stupid – they see the party that’s been in power for 8 years and think, “Yeah, they ARE the underdog.”

I mean, if only everyone read 1984 right now – would they even see the hilarious similiarities?

Karl Rove – you gay bastard, what am I gonna do with you? No more Mrs. Nice Guy, if you are a Republican and you don’t see that your party has been stolen by corporatist, neo-cons, you are seriously flawed and I’m not playing nice anymore. Something is wrong with you.

There is a great book about it “Conservatives without Conscience” by Constituational lawyer and genius John Dean…. former conservative who helped ruin this country under Nixon. He was called the “master manipulator”. He admits that the Bushies are ten times worse than Nixon. He’s reformed. He knows that being a right-winger means you are fearful and need a strong daddy figure in office to tell you what to do. You fear this invisible enemy and yet, you are Christian and not even Jesus can comfort you from things of this Earth. You somehow have stolen Jesus and now he’s a bad-ass, Kid Rock, good ol’ boy who told you to fight and told you who he hates. Sad.

Can you listen to Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy on Nova M Radio for at least one week and see if it doesn’t help you recover from Republicanism? You can listen live, for free on streaming internet. http://www.novamradio.com/live/register.php

Anyway, let me repeat, get your heads out of your asses.

p.s. The “non-elite” Cindy MCain’s breakdown of her outfit at the RNC (night one)
Cindy McCain
Oscar de la Renta dress: 3,000 Dollars
Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: 4,500 Dollars
Three-carat diamond earrings: 280,000 Dollars
Four-strand pearl necklace: 11,000–25,000 Dollars
Shoes, designer unknown: 600 Dollars
Total: Between 299,100 and 313,100 dollars


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