I Will Take the High Road After This Blog

 I feel terribly for this girl. She doesn’t want a baby. She wants a safe and legal termination during her first week of pregnancy. Now, she’s five months in and because her mom is “pro-life” (what a nasty word, as if pro choice means anti-life) now little Palin has no life.

So, I just reported that Sarah Palin’s most recent baby might actually have been her daughter’s. That may or may not be true. Either way we do know that after Sarah Palin’s water supposedly broke – she delivered a speech before heading to the hospital. Wow, you say, if you are inclined to insist on being a Republican, wow! Them women’s sure are strong! No, she’s an idiot. You don’t have a Down’s Syndrome premie and not HOP TO IT when your water breaks. That water that is breaking is the protective fluid that your baby needs – so head to the hospital honey, not the podium.

But then again when things break and water starts leaking – what else do you expect a right-winger to do! I’m surprised she didn’t go shoe shopping and see Spam-a-lot! (Condi/Katrina reference, look it up if you don’t know.)

Anyway, so now because Ms. “I eat Mooseburgers and my home looks like a taxidermy shop Palin” won’t teach her daughter anything but abstain from sex -birth control is a sin, now her daughter is pregnant.

And I’m expected to breathe a sigh of relief that, oh but wait! Her 17 year old daughter plans to marry the father. Hang on, let me wipe my tears away. That’s beautiful. Not since Romeo and Juliet have two young kids thrown their lives away.

I’m so sick of marriage and kids being rammed down my throat as “the norm” in this society – so we’re all expected to take heart that mini-Palin is getting married. Will she go to college? Contribute to society? Make sure she’s really in love with this boy so she can prevent a divorce before she’s even legally able to drink? Poor girl. Just a victim of a mother who put more effort into picking out a bearskin rug that matches her bearskin couch throw – than educating her daughter about the facts of life.

My heart goes out to daughter Palin and my fist goes up in the air against Sarah!


5 responses to “I Will Take the High Road After This Blog

  1. mskenJerkman-
    that doesn’t even qualify a reply. Your character really shines forth.

  2. While I agree with most everything you are saying, and I certainly share your political beliefs about the issue, I think it is important to remember her mother isn’t going to be the only person traumatizing her here. Having an entire country of people sticking their nose in her business and assuming they know what she wants and feels (“She doesn’t want a baby. She wants a safe and legal termination during her first week of pregnancy.”) is going to be pretty harsh as well. Simply put, we don’t know what she really wants.

    It is unfortunate that her mother’s political career and opinions about how to handle these things (abstinence-only education, anti-abortion, etc) make this news relevant to her candidacy. It is tempting to just take the issue and run with it.

    I am going to trust Obama’s comments on the issue, where he said that families are off limits, and anyone in his organization who acted differently would be fired. It’s yet another example of him taking the high road, and ultimately that is what has inspired me so much about him. We badly need our level of discourse and perspective in this country to be elevated, and he seems to be the only one out there with the courage to do so right now.

    I don’t want this to sound too harsh, but if we really care about this girl (the daughter) we will not use her as an instrument to excise our own anger, and point out the hypocrisy of failed right wing policies. We will let the situation speak for itself, and wish her the best. Especially because people tend to hold pretty strong to their beliefs about reproductive rights and sex education. It is just one of those issues that is too tied up in religious and societal BS. It isn’t an area where logic has ever reigned supreme. Sp putting this young girl in the middle of all of that feels manipulative and aimless. She is not her Mother… I can’t imagine dealing with all of this at 17.

    Anyway, I regret that the only comment I have ever posted on your blog is somewhat challenging…because I love your album and appreciate this blog.

    All the best,

  3. Justin,
    I agree actually. I did use this to my advantage, not to point out that, see the Right has premarital sex and makes mistakes too, but to point out that overpopulation and ruining teenagers lives is a result of not teaching safe sex.

    I feel I will keep this blog up, although I have debated removing it.

    It’s fair for Obama to say “hands off” because he’s known world-wide by millions and he affects people. I’m just a comedian and blogger and I’m weighing in on this on a small scale.

    It’s not exactly amazing or “right” of me, but I feel my intent is in the right place and sometimes speaking truth to power is really ugly and people get hurt. I hope I’m forgiven and thanks for weighing in and your kind words! I always enjoy lively debate. Thank you so much for reading and writing to me!


  4. It is my belief family plays a major role in the character of a representative. How stupid does the current administration look preaching abstinence until marriage when the daughter of the possible VP is pregnant at 17? Safe, no pregnancy sex is what they should be teaching. Dr. Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden has her doctorate in education and works in an adolescent hospital. She is a strong character to back up Senator Biden. Todd Palin races snow mobiles & hasn’t a college degree. He was arrested for a DWI but that was the 80’s. In a 2008 championship race he was thrown 70 feet from his snow mobile, he broke his arm and had to go to the hospital after the race but he still managed to come in 4th place. Now that is the kind of determination this country needs!

    Keep the blog post up. Better to stand up for something than sit on the fence and believe in nothing. Drunk History w/ Oney Judge was the funniest thing I have even seen online. You Rock.

  5. Jen,

    Glad you’re keeping the blog post up. Not only are you awesome and clever, you’re entitled to your opinion, and obviously, there are people who are interested in it.

    Love you. And loved Nurse Kirkman.


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