Drunk History Volume 3

Drunk History 3 is now online!
I was the narrator of Drunk History Vol. 3 about George Washington’s slave Oney Judge.
(There is debate on the YouTube boards about the accuracy of Washington having slaves and yes he did, and yes it was him who signed the Fugitive Slave act into law.)
From Wikipedia:
In fact, as President, Washington brought eight household slaves with him to the Executive Mansion in Philadelphia. By Pennsylvania law, slaves who resided in the state became legally free after six months. Washington rotated his household slaves between Mount Vernon and Philadelphia so that they did not earn their freedom, a scheme he attempted to keep hidden from his slaves and the public. Two slaves escaped while in Philadelphia: one of these,
Ona Judge, was located in New Hampshire. Judge could have been captured and returned under the Fugitive Slave Act, which Washington had signed into law in 1793, but this was not done so as to avoid public controversy.[8]
Here is Drunk History Volume 3!!!
p.s. I already read the comments that I’m not funny, faking being drunk, flat-chested, I suck, chicks are dumb, etc. So, since this is my blog, I will only post nice comments! I deserve a break!

One response to “Drunk History Volume 3

  1. I loved it, and I was happy to have a less well known story explored (kind of) in Drunk History. I know i’ve told my share of incoherent drunk stories. And i don’t understand all this talk, you are very cute! I’ll be looking out for ya now, maybe i’ll catch a comedy show of yours.

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