Here Is Where I’m At With "Politics" and The News

When I was recently only employed as a travelling stand-up comic, I spent my days in hotel rooms watching every pundit show on MSNBC (Hardball, Countdown, etc.) and Anderson Coops on CNN. I spent my non-working time at home with all of these shows.

I quickly became oversatured, depressed and lethargic, which I’ve always known, forgotten and then realized again, that’s what these people want. They want you to be overwhelmed, disilluisioned and confused.

Chris Matthews could give a crap with his sentimental montage of why he loves politics. So, why doesn’t he talk real policy on his show or just go run for the Senate already. You’re already pretending you’re not so just go do it, that’s always the next step after you go on Bill Maher and say you’re not running – start running!

I may sound like Charles Manson but I trust the MSNBC folks and the like just a little bit more than I do Fox News. I know Keith, closeted Coops and I could probably enjoy a beer and many of the same opinions. However, the medium they are on is too choppy for me. Keith comes the closest to carving out at least eleven minutes per segment and asks probing questions that gets people’s minds working in the right way. However, I can’t do the three-five person talking head arguing thing. If I see Rachel Maddow and her less fashionable version of my haircut again smirking (and also being very smart but still…stop smirking) I’m going to have to go on sabbatical in India.

I started working on a TV show that deals in the celebrity culture and you know what? It’s not depressing at all. Now, I don’t have to watch those silly news shows and I can still get information. Now, I’m watching silly shows like I Know My Kid’s a Star and occassionally some Real Housewives of NYC (genius) and you know what? I don’t feel badly after. I don’t feel like I ate too much candy.

These people on Bravo and Vh1 never said, “Up next…Danny Bonaduce with some hard hitting news and a seven-year old who just wants to be famous!” I know what I’m getting when I watch a stage mother demean her daughter for poor dancing or a New York City housewife who refuses to allow her maid to address her by her first name only. I’m getting horrible crap that is the lowest low of our society and that’s what I wanted in that moment! Then it’s over and I forget about it.

And then I still have plenty of time in the day to go back to reading….ahh! I can read about world news and things I care about – I am not paying attention to the election until we start talking campaign finance reform and/or how the right has started to put in the fix for 2009 – but I can read about that! I can read about places and the human condition all over the globe and I don’t have to hear people talking over each other! I don’t have to rely on Chris Matthew’s dripping dog mouth to tell me what’s going on. The joy is that I just don’t need these people.

p.s. any question asked in this blog is idealist and rhetorical. I know why Chris Matthews doesn’t have a policy wonk show. Just saying. Sometimes you guys like to send me lengthy explanation emails and then I get annoyed and Neil has to hear about it.


2 responses to “Here Is Where I’m At With "Politics" and The News

  1. Oh my god, I feel exactly like you. It seeems everybody is on to Chris Mathews except the folks at MSNBC.

    Did you see the news about all the news coverage of the war has been a sham played on us through the media by the pentagon? It is so depressing.

    What is more depressign is that it is not covered at all in the MSM and so 99% of the country is in the dark about one of the worst things a government can do, use propaganda on its own citizens, paid for by it’s own citizens

    This is the story that has me ready to give up. It makes me question how different Obama will be, even if he is different, we still need to find a way past the corporate media.

    the real problem is that the fourth estate is no longer the fourth estate but an extension of the third. Do you think Obama will bust up any of the giant media companies?

    Me neither.

    Sorry for the long note.

  2. Obama will do squat. I’ve always known that.

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