Sorry We Ransacked Your House Nana

Yesterday, after the services my sisters, cousins and I went to my nana’s house and basically took what we wanted. I have some of her candy dishes and her fabulous hats, scarves and costume jewelry.
We did play dress up in her bedroom for a while and later on we saw a shadow zoom by and it got really cold. I can’t tell if she was happy or like, “I have not even been buried yet and my grandchildren are cross dressing in my bedroom.”
When my uncle went back to my Nana’s house last night – he said the doorbell wouldn’t stop ringing – the doorbell has been broken for years. My family loves stuff like this.
Nana’s funeral was short and sweet and my older sister Linda, at the graveyard said, “Excuse me!” And told us all that we really shouldn’t leave the talking up to the priest and funeral home director. She told some anecdotes about Nana and then my sister Gail joined in, and I said something while sobbing and one by one people piped up and said funny things about nana. My second cousin who did not say one word the entire time piped up in sobs, “I’m going to miss her a hell of a lot!” It was like a movie – not sure what kind of movie, but it really should not be contained to just the 20 people who witnessed it.

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