So, I decided to attend my grandmother’s services. I know. I’m a saint. My job was like, “Of course you attend a family member funeral.” My parents were like, “Ooohhh don’t get fired!” They’re from a different time – before laws.

So, I’m off tomorrow, non-stop on United – last minute cheap fares.

I was on the phone with my sister today and she was like, “We’re already ransacking Nana’s house.” That quick? They just found her yesterday. I immediately thought of the awesome candy dishes I want, costume jewelry, 1970’s soda glasses that I used to drink Gingerale out of while watching Star Search and my favorite collage of our family that my nana had hanging in her kitchcen. Complete with a picture of my cousin Eric and me playing ‘pocketbooks’ – a game we invented where we took my nana’s pocketbooks and fought over which one we liked. Eric did not turn out gay and I don’t use pocketbooks – so not sure what that childhood urge was all about.

Anyway, it will be sad but I least I won’t be eating a block of cheese and tearing up like I did last night. I’ll be hanging with my sister and her cats and my family and then going to brunch.

Also – before I leave tomorrow I’m getting my taxes done. Death and taxes. I’m so poetic.


One response to “LAX to BOS

  1. deepest sympathies.

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