It has been 6:30 a.m. twice

I’m at a kiosk here at O’Hare airport. It’s 6:30 a.m.

What is weird is that I left Cleveland at 6:30 a.m. so I’m in some weird freaky time space bullshit or just time zone changes.

I had to cut my trip short because I found out that I got a writing job (for TV) that starts on Monday and I had to get back to L.A. Part of my brain thinks Monday is the day where I find out where I sit and also where they find out that I’m a fraud, not funny and have no ideas except the ones in the packet that they hired me from.

But I got to quit the temp job officially. My temp counselor was concerned. He said I had been working a hard job and he didn’t think they could fill it. I told him I was filing alphabetically and twice a day picking up mail and then the rest of the time was spent photocopying and neatly removing staples from documents with staple removers. He was confused because the company had told him how hard the job was. I said no. It wasn’t hard. They just didn’t want a lazy eye-rolling bitch.

Anyway I don’t remember what I wrote in the last blog but it was genius. Oh, yeah, so that crazy old man at Starbucks was right – (see last blog) I am writing for a living now (or until a firing, a strike, or a cancelling). That man was quite a visionary and I wish I could think, ’Wow. Weird! But it was nothing weird. People say weird shit all the time. I just wanted to hear that – the opposite of “I ain’t trying to hear that.” I’m actively always trying to hear nice things.

Okay, I’m off to buy an orange juice and maybe some magazine about things I can do to my living space.

Some guy just came up to me and asked, “Where is Gate 7?” How the shit should I know? I’m a droopy eyed typer on this kiosk how about asking say………the flight attendants at their stations behind me? Who interrupts someone on the computer? Why would I know where anything is more than him? I have an eye mask on my head. I look mental.

Maybe this is a premonition too. If I’m ever on a game show I’ll be sure to remember to pick “Gate Number 7”.

The gigs in Ohio were great. Maria and I had a blast and althougrh sometimes the audience found us weird or dark mostly people of all ages loved it and the club was super supportive and we had a funny policeman walk us home every night. I kept begging him to arrest people and finally last night he broke up two drunk girls pulling each others hair in the street. Right on!


One response to “It has been 6:30 a.m. twice

  1. Good to hear you had a good time in Cleveland – I’m glad you guys came. I would say that no one good ever comes here, but in the last year or so it’s been insane the amount of great people (especially comics from AST) that have been to Ohio.

    I’m listening right now to Asia’s self-titled debut album. I think it’s the one with Heat of the Moment, but I’m not sure. Don’t buy it, you won’t like it. Just download it.

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