The Little Penguin That Could

….Something that weirdly inspires me, a little image that I keep in my mind is one from March of the Penguins. I love that movie. I watch it anytime it’s on TV. It’s so charming and actually really sad. It moves me more than any real family story with humans. It was on TV last night and I rewound my favorite part (which is 10 seconds long) about a dozen times and re-watched it.

Anyway, this one part shows the chicks starting to play on their own, starting to come out from their mom’s underbelly and walk and stand on their own. Morgan Freeman narrates that “some need a little encouragement.” And big penguin nudges little penguin. Little Penguin trips a little on the ice and regains her balance and then pauses and then…………God this is so cute it tears me up the Little Penguin puts her wings in a little victory V and makes a squeak.

It really seems like she thought in her brain, “Yay! I’m not afraid! I just needed a little push! Victory!” If she was a human she’d totally be on the cover of Wheaties.

I like to think of that little penguin at least 574 times a day and Neil is already sick of me saying, “Who am I?” And then putting my arms in a victory v.

I’m starting to be scared off my ass about flying to Europe (12 hours non-stop) this month. It’s something I’ve avoided my whole life and this is the first year that I’m willing to try – to be scared for that long on a plane and leave the country. I have lots of anxiety around actually being in a foreign country, like I’ll die for no reason – you know how it goes. Nonsense!
I will not stand for anything but victory! Wheeee! Flap my wings!


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