Suck it Homeland Security

So, last time I flew I got to the airport two hours early but that wasn’t enough. The line to check a bag, even WITH the quick kiosk thingy was at least 2 hours long at JFK.
So I was faced with a choice. I had bottles and bottles of skin creams and various lotions and shampoos and make-up. Nice stuff, not to be found at a CVS. But I HAD to get on that plane.
So, I ignored the sign that said, “Please remove all liquids and put in a little baggie and make sure you only have 3 oz bottles.”
I just put the whole suitcase on the x-ray machine and prayed that they would look away when they saw my bottles hidden under my sweaters. (Sweaters are x-ray proof, right?)
I decided that if they had to throw that stuff away I would let them. Even though I couldn’t afford to replace all the make-up at once. It would take another year, maybe I’m being dramatic but I feel like it would take that long, I’m only working part-time right now.
Anyway, I bravely decided I’d throw away all of my things just to get on the plane and get home to L.A. And I didn’t have to. My suitcase went through the screening thing-y just fine. No one said a word.
Phew!Good thing I’m not a “bad guy” or an “evildoer”. Someone would have lost their job.

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