I can’t stop eavesdropping

I seriously can’t stop listening to the fight going on with my neighbor right now about his girlfriend. When I keep the window to my office open I can hear my neighbor in his living room. I have to leave to go do a show soon and I’d also like to go to the kitchen and eat something but I can’t hear him clearly except for right in this spot, at my desk. I seriously can’t stop eavesdropping. It’s fascinating.
I think he’s on the phone or talking to a mute because I don’t hear anyone answering him. My ears perked up when he said, “Man, I come home from a long day at work and I have to hear about how we’re not having enough sex? So many women would love what I have to offer.”
I was trying to figure out what he’s offering. Long days at the office and no sex?
Speaking of couples…
Neil just gave me this photo that he took of me at the Morrissey concert and asked, “Why don’t you ever look at me like that?” I had to tell him that I’m not looking at Moz with lust or love but I’m transfixed and hoping to be transformed. I’m trying to stop time with my mind. Trying to make it all okay. That’s not the way a boyfriend wants to be looked at.
An idol, maybe.
Yes. The glasses are for real. I wear them for distance seeing.

One response to “I can’t stop eavesdropping

  1. i seriously was googling images of “cafeteria lady smoking” (i’ll tell you why if you wanna know) and somehow came across your site by pure accident just now. i really like what you’re doing, and wanted to let you know i was readin… are you still performing at upright citizens? cause id love to check you out. lemme know…

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