Just Like That…They’re Gone

Sinead O’Connor once sang, “It’s been 7 hours and 15 days…since you took your love away.”
And I’m here to sing, “It’s been 12 hours and 1 day…since the homeless couple that lives in the alley in back of my apartment went away…”

I think this Homeless Couple that has given me so much to be mad about, so many opportunities to call the LAPD, so much to be sympathetic and simultaneously self-righteous about, which has lead to so much material…are really gone.

I’ve seen them go away for the day before, which usually entails them taking down their tent and going off with their garbage cans on wheels for a day of can collecting and whatever else they do. And when they’re gone, the cars that park in that alley, respectfully (enabler-y?) leave room between their car and the wall so that the tent can be re-propped up.
But since Sunday morning, I’ve noticed that they are gone. They packed up the tent, the two garbage cans, patio furniture-sized umbrella, camping chairs, welcome mat, hibatchi, bottled waters and more and are gone. The only sign of life was that I saw their dog sleeping in the alley yesterday morning but they were not there. Now, I don’t see the dog.

Neil claims that the homeless lady was walking off away from where the tent once was, pushing her garbage can, “in a huff.” Neil never reads emotion into people’s physical actions. He’s not dramatic. (That’s my job.) So maybe she was in a huff? Did these people break up? Did they finally get kicked out? Again, the cops can’t kick them out, it would have to be the people that run the business. Were other people as annoyed by them (and plagued by guilt about it) as me?
I’m glad they’re no longer going to be selling crystal meth to kids in what would be a backyard if it wasn’t a city…I’m glad to not have to hear the philosophical dilemma that Homeless Man always posed to his wife…”Are you a c***? Or are you a whore? Pick one!”

I realize now that I feel like with them gone, I don’t even remember what it was like to have them in the first place. I feel badly, like somehow this is my fault, even though it isn’t. I sat with my finger on the trigger of writing a letter to every business on the block, asking them to please take a stand and stop letting the couple live in their 3 parking spaces…but I couldn’t do it. Who am I to say where people can live? (Not like they are really even living…) I kept thinking that the day the homeless couple got evicted, due to my actions, was the day that I’d get mugged in that alley and be left to wonder, “Would they have saved me if they still lived there and heard me getting fucked with?”

But this can’t be it, can it? II feel just like how I felt the other night when my stupid DVR cut off the last 8 minutes of Intervention. “What happened?” Are they recovered? Are the homeless people getting off the shit and getting clean? Did they move to a better neighborhood? It would sort of suit the way things seem to go with them perfectly.

Wherever they are…I hope they’re okay.


One response to “Just Like That…They’re Gone

  1. after hearing about them on Jordan Jesse Go! I kept telling all my friends about them. Now I sorta miss them, too.

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