Oy vey with the sick.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cough. Day 6 of the cold that keeps getting worse! I saw the doctor this morning. She said no antiboitics needed because it’s this nasty 7-10 common cold that ‘everyone’ has. I hate that I get sick when everyone else does. How did I get sick anyway? I work alone and from home. I eat right, sleep a lot, drink water, don’t do drugs and I don’t play Spin the Bottle. Oh, germs.

If one more person double checks that I’m using Ecchniachea (yeah, I spelled it wrong. Screw you!) i’m going to puke. First of all, I use Ravensara which is an oil that I’ve used to prevent colds and cut their time in half. It works better than Airborne and all that stuff. I just don’t HAVE any Ravensara right now. I order it from Colorado. Anyhoo…I say that to illustrate that I’m as much about the Eastern cure as I am the Western. I do herbs AND sudafed, and the rest. But “Ech” has been clinically proven that you have to take large amounts daily all the time as a preventative. It’s not a cure or a cold buster. So stop.

I am so lucky though. I can’t imagine how shitty this cold would have been at my old day job where I did not get paid sick days. What if I had to produce an off sight shoot while I felt this way? Honestly, I can’t see straight, can barely drive, Neil had to take me to my show last night, I went on first and got right off stage and got home with a case of the shakes. I was wrecked. Now, I can sit on the couch for days on end and still get paid and work from the couch. I’m so lucky, lucky, lucky right now.

Although I do have to get my ass to a gig in Monterey, CA this weekend. Thankfully my friend Matt is going to share the drive with me and hopefully I won’t kill him with my cold because there will be nose-blowing going on in the car. But this gig pays for Christmas this year. So tough it out I must.

I can’t stop watching every home decorating show on HGTV. Neil sat through me saying, “Why did we paint the living room this warm adobe, sunny color? It should be blue and the dining room should be brown! Those are my favorite color combos! It’s in our rug! AND on every show! EVERYONE does blue and brown.” Neil laughed at me and said, “You have to watch something other than HGTV.” And with my last ounce of strength I took the remote from him and watched, “If Walls Could Talk” and got misty eyed at the people who find old letters and diaries in their attics.”

I declared to Neil, “I’m totally putting shit in the walls.” These walls? “No. Neil when we buy a house someday.” Why don’t you just give a museum your things? “Because….they have to be FOUND years later. You can’t give a museum stuff for the FUTURE, God!”

I loved this old couple who found film canisters of this couple who once lived in their house. They had no kids and travelled around the world for 18 months in the turn of the century. Anyway, this 1800’s couple also took black and white photos and carefully colored them in with ink and hid them in the wall. Now, that’s cool. And that can really define who you were for the next generation even more than your possibly crappy offspring could.

Neil is working late tonight so I’m curled up here waiting for House Hunters and Designed to Sell come on. Oh yeah, and I’m coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, shaking, spitting up phlegm and shielding my eyes from any light as it activates my intense headache.

And yes, I’m drinking liquids.


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