Oh the Entitlement

Monday, October 30, 2006

I’m not the type of person who can see someone acting like a dumbass, who can see someone putting so much effort into something that is absolutely futile, without losing my mind on the person.

That’s why it’s been hard (relatively speaking…) for me to hold back on this freelance project I’m doing. I’m running the Myspace promotion for this thing, where my boyfriend works, I’m helping out, collecting bands who want to enter this unsigned bands contest for a TV network.

I wrote the official rules which included, YOU MUST BE 18 and over, this is not a popularity contest, it doesn’t matter how many times you submit. The producers and music experts do not see the emails, just me, the dumb-ass work from home Web Producer….just send the link to your band, etc.

There is this one band that obviously wants to win. I have a tip for them. Write better music and you can. They have hundreds of people, teenagers emailing me, “I WON’T STOP HOUNDING YOU UNTIL YOU PUT THEM ON THE SHOW.” And they haven’t. One girl sends me almost 50 emails a day.

They don’t listen to me when I write back. They then send me back lengthy emails about how their friends have a dream. I want to write them back that I have a fucking dream and so did Martin Luther King. Big fucking deal. I’m still working freelance and he’s still dead. So take your dream and…..I don’t even know what.

I want these kids to be jaded like me. I blindly have hoped to get discovered when I was younger and I certainly thought that an innocent letter here and there would help. But I was under the age of 15 and I did not harass people. I had no sense of entitlement, I was hoping for more..luck.

So many kids send me sob stories about how people almost committed suicide but music kept them alive. It’s so funny to think that there is an age, where fundamentally, you just don’t get yet, that being suicidal is not a great endorsement if you want someone to work with you, or your friend.

I feel like this Home Makeover and American Idol culture, rewards the biggest sob story, the pushiest person, the “best television.” People are really just so inundated with trying to win people’s hearts that they have absolutely no boundaries, there is a huge sense of entitlement and very little understanding that it’s okay to struggle for a while and that just “wanting something really bad” is not enough of a reason for you to get something. In fact, it’s best to NOT get something when you want it so bad. That’s when you learn.

So many people under 18 wrote me back and said, “But our band is really good looking. Who cares how old we are?”

I can’t tell you how many people wrote back and said, “I’m not a band. I’ve never written a song. But I sing good. Can you hook me up with someone who can write me a hit song? Then I’ll sing on your show.”

Man! I liked the rock stars from “my day” who acted (maybe faked) being reluctant about the whole thing.

I worry for these kids. It’s like they are so pushy but they’re made of marshmallow. They have no give or no fight back. I wrote a friendly but “Hey can you keep the email volume down? Your friend’s band is entered, best of luck.” She practically crumbled on me. She wrote back, “Sorry to bother you and your busy life. It’s just that this band really helped me during some really hard times and I don’t know if I can believe in anything if they don’t win. It’s just not fair. They really want to be famous so badly.”

If she winds up overdosing on wine coolers, I’m afraid that next to her suicide note will be the note that I wrote her, gently telling her, “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.”

I’m sure kids nowadays would think, “That song is STUPID. You CAN always get what you want. This is AMERICA.”

I wish Justin Timberlake could also bring back “disappointment”.


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