It’s Just You and Me Pumpkin Candle

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The sun is setting because you know it’s 4:10 pm and why not set before the day is over? Thanks Daylight Savings!

I’m sitting here doing some work, watching the E! True Hollywood Story about the Exorcist (too scary) so I’m watching Breaking up with Shannen Doherty (another blog for another time.)

I have my $1.99 candle from CVS next to my desk. It’s a big round orange jack-o-lantern candle. He’s just smiling at me with his burning head. I bought a real pumpkin about 10 days ago and carved it with Neil (see photo) and was so excited to display it in the window on Halloween so kids knew this was a “friendly” house.

After a few days the pumpkin grew black mold and started to invert into himself, shrinking, molding and dying. Neil threw it out and I came home one day to the news that our pumpkin was dead. What had gone wrong? I declared, “All my pumpkins growing up were fine for weeks! We left them on the porch.”

Duh. Idiot. Yes. Pumpkins outside in 35 degree weather are normally fine. I had this pumpkin in an L.A. apartment, just a vegetable hanging out on the table not refridgerated and it’s been about 80 degrees here.

I’d be a bad mom. At least in L.A. I’m waiting excitedly for any possible trick or treaters. I don’t know why. I don’t particularly love children, I’m not that good with them and I don’t want ones of my own. I like scary costumes more than cutesy kid ones. I think candy is bad and don’t like the idea of giving it to kids. But something about a doorbell ringing and going to get it, excites me. And in general I like to watch kids walking around, excited thinking that they look scary or real in their costumes. I hate the stress of wearing a costume to school and being the victim of a smashed pumpkin…..which is the joy of being an adult on Halloween.

No one in their right mind would let their kids trick or treat apartments in the city of L.A. so I sort of feel bad for anyone who would come to my door. I’m not poisoning the candy but how do they know?

I already sorted out the Junior Mints and ate all of those and I’ve had 3 fun sized Twizzlers today.

I wish I wasn’t afraid to watch horror movies but I’m concerned that if I watch the Excorcist the Devil will notice that I’m intrigued and he/she will posess me and I don’t have time for that. I have a show tonight and I’m very unprepared.


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