I’m So Tired

I’m too tired to blog. I’ve had a long day. I’ve had too much coffee and then a glass of wine and I need water.

All I know is that I’m feeling today that overwhelmingly most people are good. This is rare. Usually I’m throwing things at Hummers. Oh! By the way….this guy I know, knows a guy who has a Hummer. Follow? So this Hummer Owning Guy lets his wife take it for the day. She comes home totally worn-out and frazzled claiming that all day long people have been throwing things at her car and cursing her out at stop signs because she drives a Hummer. She wanted her husband to get rid of it pronto.

I’m not shitting you guys. Think of me as Al Gore, without a film crew. This is my own truth. We can break these people with Hummers down. Let’s do it. Don’t throw shit that breaks their windows but maybe throw fruit pies or maple syrup. Don’t throw shit while they’re in motion, that would cause an accident. But just know that EVERY TIME I see a Hummer, I give the finger, roll down my window and say something about it and my new thing is I’m going to print up a print out on why they are bad and put them under ever Hummer windshield. Will this help? Maybe not. But what if ALL OF US DID? And some people in L.A. have this happen multiple times a day.

I’m serious. I’m now feeling passionate but still tired! I used to think the Beatles song that John Lennon sang, “I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink” was so glamorous. But it’s not. Being tired rots when there is nothing to do with the tired but go to bed earlier than you want.

Anyway, what else?

If the world is ending, I can’t think of a better group of folks to do it with than you guys. My friends from high school, college, comedy in Boston, comedy in NYC, comedy in L.A., various jobs I’ve had, I can’t believe it. I know so many people and all of them are really good people.

I just read Star magazine while I waited in a 20 minute line at Rite Aid to buy shaving cream and a toothbrush (I can’t use this electric one all the time.) I found out that Nicole Ritchie is too skinny again, Kate Hudson and Chris are breaking up and she’s seeing Owen Wilson, Jen Anniston doesn’t want babies, (will ruin her figure and her movie making roll) and Vince is pissed! What else? I learned Brad still loves Jen but I don’t believe that one.

I’m re-reading the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde slowly. I read it in High School. I had a better vocabulary then but I also wore a black men’s suit coat, so I can’t be too envious of my old mind.



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