Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

I don’t know what saddens me more; the fact that half the world is at war or just looking at Craigslist (Los Angeles.) Even though I’m a pacifist, what I found below makes me want to throw this man in Abu Graib with sadistic frustrated soldiers, hungry dobermans and of course, no option of getting a a lawyer or a fair trail.

From Craigslist, Thursday August 17th

(And trust me I clicked on it to see the insanity that I expected inside. I was not thinking that by the title, this would be an opportunity for myself.)

Let’s start again: I high-lighted the ‘best’ parts.

From Craigslist, Thursday August 17th

Looking For Funny Women Who Are Pretty (Hollywood, Los Angeles)

I am looking for lady comics who fit into our society’s traditional standard of beauty (slim build, gorgeous smile, pretty face, sexy body, great hair, yadda yadda…you get the picture).

I am working to put on a show that will showcase gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, and very funny female comics. This does require some financial investment on your part, but only to help with certain costs of the show. This also requires an investment of your time to help make sure we can get the people we want to see the show to actually come.

If you are a lady comic trying to make it in the Funny Game, and you know you look good, and you know you are funny, please email me and I’ll give you an address to forward your photo, resume, or reel of your work. If you do not have tape on yourself, do not worry you will have a chance to audition and show me the funny in person.

Keep laughing and I look forward to hearing from you!!


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