Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Sweet Jesus please help me.

I have to do a project at work. I’m an Associate Producer which means I get the grunt work of researching locations and other things when our Web Department embarks on a shoot.

I have to find Ghost Hunters in Los Angeles, CA. Some type of psyhcic person who walks into a house and says, “Yes. I feel something. There is an old man standing behind you.”

And then we will shoot that person doing their thing at said location.

Anyway, I came up with some but my Producers aren’t 100% sold so I’m researching more.

In the YellowPages there is a company called, “Ghost Busters, Inc.”

Now, what else am I supposed to think?

I call them. I say, “Excuse me, what type of business is this? I found you in the Yellow Pages.”

The woman who answered hangs up.

I call back. I say, “Excuse me. You just hung up on me. Is this GhostBusters, Inc.?”

She sighs. She responds in her accent, “Jes, dis is Ghostbusters”

I say, “Oh! What kind of company are you?”

She sighs. “Containers!”

She hangs up.

I call back. “Excuse me. You just hung up on me. Right before you hung up, I thought you said, ‘Containers?’

She sighed. “Ma’am, what joo you want?”

I said, “I’m sorry. I’m researching paranormal experts and your company came up in a bunch of listings for psychics who hunt ghosts.”

She says, “Get a job.”

I say, “Trust me. I have one already. You obviously don’t read my blog.”

Okay. I don’t say that.

I say, “This is my job. Can you believe it?”

She says, “We do waste disposal. Aren’t joo a little bit old for prank calling?”

I said, “This isn’t a prank. I work for a television network and I’m honestly being asked to do a documentary on ghost hunters.”

She says, “Joo are too old to believe in ghosts!”

Now I’m pissed. OLD? How can she tell I’m old over the phone? Sure, I have a raspy voice but I’ll have this bitch know it’s gotten me tons of voiceover work! Hey wait? If I’ve done all this voiceover work, why aren’t I doing more? Why am I fucking finding ghost hunters on a Friday afternoon from some high rise in Century City!???

I say to her, “I’m sure you get prank calls all the time. And it must drive you crazy. I’m sympathizing with you. Can’t you sympathize with me? I don’t know why I’m even still talking! But I’m really upset!”

She says, “Joo finished?”

I say, “No. I’m not finished. Don’t name your damn business Ghost Busters…”

She hung up.

I almost called back. For what I don’t know. I am obsessed with getting her to believe it was not a prank call. This is just like in fifth grade when school librarian overheard me joking that I stole a book on JFK. And she went to the shelves and sure enough the book was missing. I got in so much trouble and I would never ever steal a book. I would never ever prank call Ghostbusters. I have too much respect.


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