I Like This Idea

I found out two things today.


People are sending donations to their favorite “liberal” charities (you know the ones that want to preserve human rights and the environment) in George W. Bush’s name, sending the receipts to the White House in honor of his birthday today. I love it.


Dunkin Donuts (latest place for Bush’s Town Hall’s – thanks Joe for telling me that.) is owned by the Carlyle Group. No. No. No. I can’t have this. I just bought so much DD stuff last month when I was home in Boston. It’s the only coffee I truly love. Don’t do this to me. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

It’s so weird to me that we had this meeting at work yesterday and everyone is jolly happy around the table, making quips about the new monitor that allows us to have video conferences with our NYC office. How was the 4th everyone? Oh good! Ha! Ha! No one mentioned Kim-Jong-il.

And I’m sitting there, just like I did when I was 9 years old in class the day after the movie “The Day After” aired, when there was a freaking roundtable live discussion after the movie of some of the biggest thinkers, media and politicians in DC at the time and in history going, “What the hell? This can’t happen! Nuclear war will destroy us all!” And I’m back in class the next day and our teacher is giving us math equations. And I’m looking around at people stressing the math and I’m thinking, “Who’s with me? Does anyone here care about what’s really going on?”

Why can’t we talk about it? Or bad things? I’m afraid but not that afraid. I don’t think it’s a downer. It’s an upper. It inspires me to be a good person and right now. I have only disdain for people who refuse to have an opinion or a thought that someone, right now, is testing nukes. Sure, they may never work and we may stop it and it’s all gonna be fine, but is it? What if it wasn’t? And why is the definition of “fine” someone testing nukes but not succeeding? It’s still a weird energy to have in the world!

Oh, go have another kid everybody. I’ll be over here by the coffee machine, having a panic attack.


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