Now I’ve Annoyed Somebody

What would you do if you saw a ladybug on the shoulder of some corporate-type dude and you were in the elevator with him? Wouldn’t you tell him? Or try toget the ladybug off his shoulder for yourself? Or just warn him so he doesn’t kill it? So it can fly away home?

So, after my failed attempt at getting a burrito (sold out) at the Farmers Market (Thursdays in Century City y’all!) I headed back into the elevator with a gaggle of about 6 dudes in suits. I have no idea how old they were. I think my age? Younger? Suits have a way stopping time when I try to decipher someone’s age.

Anyway, this one guy, drinking a smoothie, had a ladybug on him. I saw it while we waited for the vator to come. He was laughing with his dudes and then we got in the elevator and it was quiet. We all saw the ladybug. I think. I touched his shoulder, trying to coax the Lady onto my finger. “Oh, you have a ladybug on you.” Everyone laughed. But I knew I was not included.

The guy said nothing. He kept staring straight ahead. His friend tried to squish it. I said, “Don’t kill it. Just move it.” And then it was gone. No idea where it went. (Yes, of course I have thought of the possibility that this ladybug was a ghost.)

They left the elevator and one guy muttered, “Ladybug.” Some other guy said, “Thanks for the warning about the deadly ladybug. You sure are brave.” They all laughed and exited.

That ladybug sure did have bad taste in men.


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