War Protest

So I am driving home this morning and I had forgotten about the War Protest in my neighborhood. Let me make this clear, not somewhere in the vicinity, but stone’s throw from my apartment. I had to park my car in my carport, shower and get to class by noon. Every street was blocked and every cop told me to “go up here, take a left, then a right and go around that way.” Every time I went down a road, I’d see in my rear-view mirror cones and sandwich board looking blocks being placed. I’d see cop cars parking sideways. Trapped!

I finally get to the corner of my street, Schrader and Selma. I am in front of my apartment building. I have to take a right on Selma and go about 10 inches and I’ll be in my carport. There is a cone and a cop car in the way. I roll down my window telling the cop that surely, he’ll move that car and let me in my driveway which is 10 inches away. He says no. He says that I have to park where I am. Even though there are no available meters. I have now been in my car, yet within a block of my apartment for 45 minutes. Some bitch lady cop says, “Ma’am this protest happens every year. You knew about it.” First of all, I’m sorry this protest happens every year. I’m sorry our President said Mission Accomplished like a fucking jackass years ago. But again, I didn’t have this date and time circled on my calendar and there were no signs and nothing was done to protect the residents who may need to go into their homes.”

Man cop suggested that I just sit in my car until someone gets in their car at a meter and I’ll take their spot. I asked him how I would keep feeding my meter, when I had to go to a 3 hour class? I said to him, “I have a kid upstairs.” I panicked. He said, “A kid?” I said, “Yes, my kid is upstairs. He can’t be alone and I’m late.” Now I realized that I am telling a cop that I left a small child alone. And I’m lying. He laughed. “Really?” I said, “Well, he’s with the babysitter but she has to go.” It was so ridiculous.

He said, “I’m sorry.” And then I said, “You know how many drug dealers I see in this park every night? Handing drugs out behind the gate? Do you know that? Do you know how many times I’ve been propositioned by female hookers, male junkies? And where are you guys then? You only come to my neighborhood to make sure I can’t park my damn car?” And I think I just annoyed him and he moved the cone and let me drive on the wrong side of the road to get into my carport.


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