Dude, Did you did die in my apartment?

I have lived in my apartment for now one year and three weeks. I still get mail for the previous tenant, Jim [Something]. It’s not just credit card offers and “Have you seen me?” missing persons flyers. All of his mail. Bank statements, stuff from the DMV, personal hand-written letters. I never open it. I just write “not at this address” and put back in the mail.

I mean, I am really organized. But people’s banks have to have their correct address, no? And the DMV? They gotta know where you live, no? Personal letters? Where is this guy?

Now, the weirdest thing has happened. I received a hand-written envelope addressed to him. The stamp on it is just some generic post office stamp. And I can see that it’s his license in here. So someone found his license and mailed it to the address on the license. Why hasn’t he changed this? Was he killed and no one found him and someone just found his license near the scene of the crime? Did he not move out of Apartment #316 but instead his family came and got all of his stuff and hasn’t changed his records because they don’t know how?

I asked my landlord when I moved into my apartment if anything “weird” had made the guy before me move out. He just shook his head. But I was a barrage of questions, so maybe that one got lost in the shuffle. Or maybe nothing “weird” happened but maybe something very glum? Morbid?

My apartment is sunny and has a nice vibe, or so I think and trust me, I pick up on all bad vibes. I intercept bad vibes from foreign countries. It doesn’t feel like someone took their own life or was murdered in my apartment. Unless it was one of those, “everything happens for a reason” type deaths, and therefore, I can see how the good vibe in my place stays in tact.

It’s a mystery. So is all of the mail I get for this guy Patrick as well and occassionally a dude from India writes, for someone named something I can’t pronounce. What the hell was going on in my apartment?

Also to further add mystery and mystique, someone that used to be on a hit HBO series about the mob, lives in my apartment building. I can see into his place from mine. I’m afraid to talk further about it because I don’t want anyone “casing” me.


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