No complaints, but just…I’m a little under-rested. So I jump when my phone rings and then I ignore it. My boyfriend, who I can’t see right now because of this weird week of Apocolypse style busy-ness asked me what I wanted to do once my schedule clears up in 14 days. He half jokingly said, “Disneyland?” (Get it. Like a pro ball player being interviewed in the locker room, post game?) And I said, “Yeah, Disneyland.” I haven’t been in 3 years. I used to go a lot when I first moved here, and was dating someone who had a show biz job and he could work from home. And so instead of getting a job, I pretended that I had his lifestyle and I went to Disney with him all the time.

Yeah, that’s right. I’ll go to Disney with two different men in 3 years! I am that wild!

The only man who I enjoy Disney with is my dad. We went to Disney World every year for vacation (after my mom started working and contributing to our not being poor-ish anymore…) starting at age 10 and I never wanted to do anything but that. Then, when I was 23 my dad took my 33 year old sister (at the time) and I to Disney world. It was still just as fun. And I had discovered klonopin, so I could go on the million foot drop, water ride, I forget the name, without being scared.

My dad shrinks down to a 4 year old with learning disabilities when he’s on It’s A Small World. I think in a way, that is his version of seeing the planet, of accepting all people, round and wooden, from the culturally stereotypical depictions of the Dutch to the Chinese. I think he tears up a little on that ride. And for once, I don’t feel like rolling my eyes or making fun.

The boat got stuck one time in between Hawaii and Amsterdam or something, and he not only endured the repitition of that creepy song, he sang along, really believing that “it’s a world of laughter a world of cheer. There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware…..” Not even the reveal of the Exit sign, the track underneath the still water beside us or the stapled curtains, stopped him from believing that the Netherlands, and a better apprecation of our fellow man was just around the bend.


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