My Post Freak-Out Wrap up

After calming down from the days events, I did catch the oscars on Tivo. I missed Stewart’s opening bit. I hear he’s already getting bad reviews. I liked what I saw of him. I loved the french dudes and their stuffed animal penguins. I jumped up and down. Penguins! I love stuffed animals. And stuffed toys that represent an animal that is already in a tux. Priceless. Cute. Must have been so fun to snuggle with in the seats. It’s going to be fun to pose the stuffed animals at the after party. You can pose the stuffed penguins to shake fins with other stars, holding drinks, holding the oscar, lying sideways on the floor, “drunk.” Oh! To be a stuffed animal fly on that wall.

I liked those crazy guys, 36 Mafia, what the fuck is their name? I’m too old. I don’t know. But I loved their rant and yelling on top of each other. And one guy emoting, “George Clooney, man! He’s my favorite! He showed me love when I first met him.”

Lots of cutaways to Jamie Foxx fist pumping whenever anyone black got an award or spoke. We get it. America only accepts one black guy at a time, camera on Foxx, he gives his approval, everyone else can get with who he’s ‘pumping’ about. Too bad.

I’m fast forwarded through a lot. Will Ferrell, the Wilson brothers, Ben Stiller and Steve Carrell, you dudes are on my last nerve. I just need a break. In the same way that no matter how good, I can never listen to some Beatles songs ever again. I’ve reached my alottment.

Good night and good luck.


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