Made For TV Movie Flight 93

Admittedly I’m TIVO’ing “Flight 93” on A&E the story of the flight that crashed in Virgina on 9/11. You know, the whole, “Let’s Roll” thing. I’m working on stuff and listening from the other room. Running to the TV when I hear a dramatic scene.

I feel sort of gross about it. I feel weird that there are commercials, advertising, during this. People are making money off this story.

But some of the scenes are quite vivid and simple and great. Like this one girl on the phone with her mom. The girl is on the flight. She’s telling her mom that she is not coming home. Her mom says, “My arms are around you and I’m hugging you.” The girl says, “I can feel your arms around me.” As she sits alone in the airplane seat. I can feel that. I can feel the absence of arms around you when you are in a staid, unwelcome and cattle-call environment like an airplane. How insanely disconnecting it feels to be 30,000 feet up when absolutely nothing tragic is ensuing. But the panic, the complete out-of-control feeling that trapped in the air and trapped in the cabin by people waging your death, how that must feel. I can completely imagine it to the point of inducing a rapid heart rate in my apartment. And yet, I know that I have no idea.

I assume in a way, it may be oddly calming. Maybe God steps in at that moment. Maybe the instinct to take care of the mental health of our families on the ground overtakes our on fear.

A good and vivid way to get descriptions of this day are from the book the 9/11 Commission. I have formed the opinion, based on what I’m not sure, that it’s our civic duty to buy that book. It was only $10. We should all read a non-emotionally manipulative, non-partisan account of the day. And also Richard Clarke’s “Against All Enemies.” That’s not partisan either but beautifully honest about how Bush treated Clarke when he tried to warn him of 9/11. And it talks about all of the other Pres’s that Clarke worked for, including GW’s dad, who respected Clarke’s opinion. Not even opinion, his dogged fact-finding and accuracy.

I just hope this made-for-TV movie doesn’t make people full of some weird patriotic pride and fill them with revenge. As long as everyone, the terrorists and our President can speak to what God wants, I’ll step in to. It’s never violence. But I was for Afghanistan, the war, and getting Osama. And this movie further enrages me that the 9/11 commission further gave GW Bush “F’s” since 2001. He has done nothing to protect us.

I hope people watching don’t sit there and justify their own lack of knowledege but thinking, “This. This is why we’re in Iraq. This is why someone like G.W. needs to be President and why Alito needs to be on the Supreme Court.”

We had the terrorists. In our country. Using their real names. And this cowboy boot wearing poor excuse for a decent, human, God-loving man, turned the other way in the name of pride, ego and ignorance.

One thing. One of the actors in the movie, is a man, who is watching the news. And he has to say, “They just hit the Pentagon!” And he says it so unconvincingly. He says it like he’s saying, “Can someone pick up the phone? I have barbeque sauce on my hands.” What’s even funnier is that, this really happened. I’m sure the guy was back in 2001, looking at the news thinking, “They hit the Pentagon.” And he still couldn’t draw from it.

I remember, my friend, the world’s most un-emotional man, grabbed my shoulders and said, “The fucking pentagon! They hit the pentagon! Oh shit! Oh man! This is not stopping!”

Maybe it was intense for him since we were in NYC at the time, and he was thinking we were going to get hit again but the point is, he had emotion. No one cooly said with a weird smile, “They hit the Pentagon.” Maybe Osama. Even if you did react by not reacting, it’s not always the best choice when in a TV movie. Some people are trying to cry and can’t. I think some actors should have been screened more carefully.

Thinking how it must feel to sit somewhere and know that you’re never going to do anything you love to do again, see the people you love again, experience life again. I may be neurotic but I think of that shit everyday. I’m going to indulge in the rest of this flick because I have PMS.


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