I Love Toiletries

Well, I guess my title summed it up. I don’t know how to expound more on this. Let me try. I love toiletry shopping. Grocery shopping is tedious. Clothing shopping is exciting, often disappointing if things are too expensive, or not availble in my size. There is often a heightened form of anxiety for an ex-shopping addict like me a rush of satisfaction when carrying the bag out of the store but sometimes second thoughts when it’s time to put the clothes on the hanger, or me. I feel like I’m never done. Then things need tailoring, or returning or exchanging.

But toiletry shopping. I love it! I love swinging by Target on my way home from work. I hate the parking lot. Or sometimes I walk to it from home. I love having a list of things and then seeing other things that I need. And I really do need them. You’re going to argue me out of a band-aid purchase? Or ACT mouthwash?

I love going home and populating my medicine cabinet and storage under the sink. I love to buy tissues, the ones that have pretty multi-colored packaging. I love eye make-up remover pads, those poofy things on a string for shower gel, cheap mascara, eye-drops, toothpaste.

I love drugstore.com. I get free shipping and no parking hassle.And when I see rolls and rolls of papertowels, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and sandwich bags in a box, I get happy. I like to buy things in advance so when I run out of trash bags, Oh! wouldn’t you know it, I have another box handy. I try to stay one step ahead.

I’m clearly still showing traces of my former OCD and shop therapy but at least this stuff is usable. It never goes bad or unused. My relationship with toiletries is the only uncomplicated thing in my life. They exist to serve me, to make money for others, I use them and I benefit. And I sleep well at night knowing that is taken care of.


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