Car Conversations

As much as people try to tell me about the communal aspect of public transportation in cities such as NYC and others, I never once spoke to a fellow subway rider when I lived in NYC.

However people in their cars and I converse pretty often.

Like this morning, I’m driving to work and applying make-up. Never at the same time. I’m a safety bug. And I won’t pick up my cell phone unless I have my earbud thingy on me. But at stop lights, if I get to one as it’s turning red and I know I have a good 60 seconds, I’ll take a swoosh of my blush and put it on or mascara, etc. The second the light turns green, I drop that shit and go.

An older gentleman caught me doing that. And he yelled over chuckling, “You women are amazing. You know exactly what you’re doing!”

I enjoyed that finally, a person of this Earth was giving me my props. Yes, Sir, I do. And I finished off my eyeshadow, green light and I was gone.

One time I was bopping to an Ice Cube song and a guy waved to me going “Hey!” And I turned down the music and looked and he asked, “Are you fucking serious?

That was like the best moment of my life. I think he was a comedy angel.

I won’t count the times people have given me the finger as a particularly good example of human interaction on the roads of LA but at least it’s something.


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