I just saw this headline on Yahoo news. “Flutie hits NFL’s 1st dropkick since ’41”

I have no idea what that means and I don’t feel like clicking on it to find out. But it sounds like a good thing.

Doug Flutie used to play for the New England Patriots. Does he still? Oh, God. I have no idea. But I do know that in the 4th grade, 1983, he came to our classroom. I have no clue what my teacher’s name was. Do I have amnesia? Was I molested? I always hear that people who were molested have compromised memories.

Anyway, I was less than impressed and I think I remember feeling like we were instructed to Ooh and Ahhh over him. Back then I didn’t appreciate just the fact that a young hero on the rise, who is at least the best at something, is taking the time to talk to kids. I’m sure he told us that we could do anything, be anything, work hard, don’t take drugs, don’t spit, etc.

But back then all I knew is that I was strongly anti-jock. I was on my second concussion from the boys kicking soccer balls at the back of my head at gym. And the teacher wouldn’t even escort me to the nurses’s office to make sure I didn’t face plant on the way there. Now that I type it, maybe the concussions have to do with my memory loss.

I didnt like that the only time someone from the real world came into our classroom, it had to be a jock from a violent sport. I always wanted Judy Blume to come to our classroom. Or the person who wrote Beetle Bailey or the Ramona Quimby series. Or Jim Davis.

Sometimes people would call the house. And my mother would say, “No thanks. Not today.” And she’d tell me after she hung up that people were calling for her to donate money to the Needham football team. And she’d say, “I should ask them if they want to pay for your ballet lessons.” I’d beg her. “Yes! Mom! Please, please say that. If they call again, please say that. That’s so awesome.”

I’d hope and pray everytime the phone rang, that it would be those people asking for money for football players, so that I could deliver that message.

I never got to deliver it. But now I can just choose not to open the link about Doug Flutie’s victory. But in a small way, I feel like him meeting such a passionate child might have helped him acheive his dreams in some way.


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