Virgin Mary

So there is this Virgin Mary statue that is crying blood up in Sacremento. I’m so therapized that I’m truly unaffected by this. When I was a kid I would have had a full blown panic attack and felt like my feet were made of mud and the ground tipped upside down.

I guess because I don’t really believe it. Although I would love to believe that Supernatural things happen, and I do believe that stuff like this happens but in far away Brigadoon type places, not Sacremento. Although, ironic that that is where Arnold reigns – so maybe it is true?

Something about how the “tear of blood” was smudged on the inside of the statues eye. No one cries, UP. It totally looked like my zombie Halloween costume. I did the same thing as whoever dribbled blood on this statue. My finger slipped and I was stuck with a smudge in my eye. Couldn’t even wash it off, it just left a red stain. Only time and the re-growth of cells took it away.

Then again, I want to go to this statue and be like, “Mary. It’s not me, right? You’re cool with me? I didn’t do anything wrong, right?” It’s like when one kid in the class is bad and Mary cries blood for all the kids and they all have to stay after. I hope she knows how diligent I am and how I’m not an evil corporation or a dictator or Dick Cheney. She knows though, right?

It sort of makes me mad that she doesn’t specify what she’s crying about. I suppose it’s to scare all of us, and keep the good ones from getting too righteous. But seriously, couldn’t she hold a list in her hand? Like those Santa’s on display at the drugstore? They have that scroll of the kids who have been “nice” and you walk by and look for your name.


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