Tee Shirt

I’m wearing this tee shirt today. I’ve worn it before. It’s brown with short sleeves and in the center, a picture of a woman. She has a cherubic, victorian look, an old fashioned permed 1920’s hairdo, and big cheeks. It’s framed so that it looks like it’s in an old fashioned oval frame. So I have a picture, of a picture on my shirt. Flowers border the image.

Every time I wear it people stop and go, “Is that you?”


First of all, I’m an adult. I’m not going to wear a picture of myself.

Secondly, am I cherubic? Round faced? Chubby cheeked? Have a short perm? Lived in the 1800’s? 1920’s? Photographed in black and white?

My ego takes a real blow when I wear this shirt but it happens to match this jacket and necklace that I enjoy.

Also – has anyone seen a sort of ironic tee-shirt with graphics on them from Urban Outfitters lately? The way they stare at it, “How’d you do that?” I got out $10 and went to the counter. It was easy. Then I walked out of the store with a bag in my hand.

Maybe people are trying to look at my boobs – which seem bigger than they are in this tee.

I’m not vain until you tell me I look like a fat child from a Victorian era. So stop doing it.


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