Psst…Pass It On

Psssst….Pass It On

“Psssst….Pass It On” was the name of a section of Dynamite Magazine. Dynamite stopped being printed in the mid-late 1980’s. I read it as a kid. People like Scott Baio and Henry Winkler were often on the cover. It was like Teen Beat or Tiger Beat but it wasn’t an early childhood masturbation rag. It was gender-neutral and full of goofy, dorky joke-type humor. Stuff that kids read before they became Weird Al and Conan fans.

I was published in Dynamite Magazine in 1985. Issue #129. I have it in front of me now. I don’t remember writing it. But I remember reading what I wrote. I think I made it up out of the blue. Here goes:

Dear Dynamite,

Here are a few things you never hear one grown-up say to another grown-up.

1.) You deserve a spanking!

2.) Don’t talk with your mouth full!

3.) Eat your vegetables now!

Jennifer Kirkman, Needham, MA

Wow. First of all, HACK ATTACK! Could I have written anything more generic? Based in what reality, I wonder, because my parents never said that shit to me. I was so mainstream then. Why can’t I write for the masses now? Why am I an underpaid fringe comedian?


I would now argue that some adults do tell each other they deserve a spanking.

Oh, youth!


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