Non Linear Thoughts

I promised myself I’d write daily and I am. So there. But this will not be linear.

I should be writing more on my show that I’m doing November 9th. Nice plug! I write that in my head.

I got the first two seasons of Good Times coming to me (thanks Netflix) any day now. I can’t wait.

My grandmother always told me that I looked like “Lillith” from Cheers. What’s funny is that I was about 12 when she’d constantly scream it out. Tonight I have fake pearls on and an upper crusty looking shirt that goes up my neck and my hair in a bun. I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror (I’m too modest to look on purpose!) and I realized that in this moment I do. My grandmother has a good eye. She must have projected into the future and seen this get-up.

I’ve had insomnia this week. I wonder if it’s because my bf is away? Maybe I miss him and it manifests in insomnia. But I’ve sort of enjoyed it. Because I still haven’t woken up tired. And the past few months I’ve had trouble waking up. And so if I get less than 8.5 hours sleep, I’m like, “Oh, I can’t go to the gym.” And this week I’ve slept about 4 hours per night, done strenuous workouts, errands, my day job and writing at night. Maybe I’m manic and I’m on an upswing. I did organize clothing for the Goodwill at 2am last night.

I want to like the Colbert Report. And I do. I love Colbert and I loved his work on the Daily Show. But a half hour of a character is too much for me. I like seeing the news clips, so for now I only have time for Daily Show.

My neighbor, the sixty-five year old Herb, bald head and big dumbo ears, everyday says, “Hello Jen! It’s Jen right? Doesn’t matter. You have a Kerry Edwards bumper sticker on your car. You’re a nice Democrat.” He held the door for me and I walked inside the building. “Now, if you had a BushCheney bumper sticker” he said, “I don’t know.” I said, “You’d slam the door in my face?” He said, “Nahh. I’d still hold it. Becuase I’m a liberal.” Cute. I want to know why he is so staunchly Democrat. I’m actually an Independant. I wonder if he was in a war? I wonder so much. Why does he live alone? Was he ever married? I wish I could see his apt. Would it be creepy if I brought him cookes at Christmas or something? Why do I have to wait for a holiday in two months to do something nice? I bet I don’t want to learn that even the elderly can be bad people.

This dude at a Starbucks, behind the counter at Gower Gulch the other day said, “Stay dry.” I said, “It stopped raining.” He said, “No! Keep raining” And started waving his hand at the outside. He’s worked there so long I think he thinks you can order up weather. I said, “Why?” He said, “Rain reminds me of home, the mid-west.” Listen, whitey. No one asked you to move here. No one asked me to move here. (Actually my former ineffective manager did, so ha!) And furthermore, when I miss Boston weather, I wish to be there, I don’t wish for Los Angeles, to adjust to my needs.

It’s not supposed to rain too much here. It’s a desert. It is a big deal and a storm when it rains because the slick oil on the road creates slippage, and a bad glare. Things flood easily because it’s so damn hilly and roads close and traffic worsens and people still drive like jerks.

I have to go watch my TIVO’d Top Model.


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