A Memory That Won’t Fade

We all have things that make us laugh for no reason while we’re sitting at our desks at work or in our cars in traffic or inappropriate places like churches, weddings, funerals, that one thing, so funny that a friend said that when you’re brain is bored it pops that tape in your memory’s vcr and hits play.

For me that moment doesn’t involve anyone that I know but something I observed. When I think about it, I laugh out loud. It happened 8 years ago in South Boston, Massachusetts.

I had an apartment off the red line in Southie/Quincy in 1997. I was sitting on my porch on the 3rd floor when I heard the sound of a a nine year old kid growling and angsting and exherting himself physically:

“Grrr. Arrrgh. Ack. Uhhh. Grrraahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Then came the sound of crashing metal. It sounded like he was fighting off a giant robot.

Then silence.

I looked down, and in the middle of the street was his bike, mangled.

He turned to his friend proudly, “I just kicked that bike’s ass!”

His friend was freaked out and asked, “Dude, why are you thinking about a bike’s ass?”

I supposed you had to be there. But to me it’s the funniest thing I ever heard.


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