Hummers and Hello Kitty

Isn’t the point of young people for them to be wild, rebellious and anti-authority, unless they are like born into high-profile Neo-con lifestyles like the Bush twins? I know they got drunk but that’s not rebelling – I mean it is, but not in the most worldly sense of the word. They were just rich kids partying. I’m not going to high-five them or anything for that.

I saw a young, young girl with her little Hello Kitty bag getting out of a Hummer. Really? A hummer? Does it make you feel thinner? Why? Why a hummer? A hummer guzzles gas; one hummer is responsible for the layer of smog that we see. For a real clear view, hike Runyon Canyon at about 6:30pm any night. Yes, one hummer makes that layer of fog. I’ve done my research.

Shouldn’t this girl be like, “I hate the beauty myth and the infantalization of women? Get this children’s purse off my arm!” (Actually, I love Hello Kitty but that’s because I was age-appropriate (8) when it was popular and my good friend Michiko was Japanese and she moved to America because her dad got a sweet raise from the Sanyo Company. Her house was a Hello Kitty museum.)

Shouldn’t this girl be like, “I’m rich! I’ll buy a hybrid. You have to get on a waiting list for those! Just like at some dipshit nightclub! Waiting lists are cool!”

Shouldn’t this girl be like, “Ewww. Hummer’s are for soldiers and soldiers get dirty. Ewww! Hummers are for stupid boys who need to prove themselves.”

Shouldn’t this girl be like, “The right wing has bought off the EPA so they are changing their public statements about global warming. Our President is single-handedly destroying the planet with is can of “No-Zone” spray. That’s not cool! He’s old and wrinkly! I don’t want to be like him!”

Where are young people’s brains??

(Shoot, I just got black pen on my white tee shirt. This really annoys me. I’m trying to write about how other people are wrong and bad and hoping the universe says, “You’re right Jen. For not driving a Hummer, you get everything you want!” Instead, I have pen on my shirt.)

Anyway, when I was young kids scared adults. Kids protested (Gulf War I). Kids couldn’t wait to vote.

And now kids can’t wait to be Paris Hilton.

A Hummer and Hello Kitty? What kind of mixed message is that? Sometimes, I’m a docile woman/child with Japanese accessories but other times I like to pretend I’m in the middle of a war with M-60’s on my roof (Ohmygod wouldn’t that like be so cool? Can I get pink ones?) and tool around Beverly Hills.

Why isn’t it legal for me to go up to her and grab her keys out of her hand – like some resident vigilante who gives street interventions to people with too much money and not enough style or social consciousness.

Instead, when she fed her meter I said to her, “You make me sick.” She giggled and waved. Like a broken robot- doll that malfunctioned and didn’t understand the command I gave her.

I know I’m just as bad, making terrible comments to people on the street but sometimes I feel it’s all I can do.


One response to “Hummers and Hello Kitty

  1. I agree with you Jen.I think so too.I saw a girl like in your story and i hated her.
    Hummer is only for man.

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