Their Public Fight

I was walking on the 3rd level parking structure at the Grove this past Saturday afternoon when I was suddenly dropped into a young couple’s life and then yanked out. A car was to my right going slowly. Suddenly the driver’s side door opened but the car was still going. The guy driving stuck his foot out and looked like he was waiting for the car to slow down so he could jump. He sort of looked like a kid whose bike suddenly had brake failure. He kept one hand on the steering wheel and I guess he must have thrown it in park without using the brake. He silently jumped out, leaving the door open and walked past me.

The woman in the passengers seat of the car jumped into the driver’s seat and looking back in shock at him (he was now walking quickly towards the elevator bank) put her hand over her mouth. Her eyes were huge. I think she was about to cry. She peeled out and drove off. I think she continued down the ramp she didn’t circle level 3 looking for her man. If you are these people please let me know what the fuck happened. What’s weird was the whole thing was completely silent. It was the most artful balletic fight I’d ever seen.

Are you a couple? Did you just break up then? Was this the last straw or the first fight? If it was the first fight that’s pretty intense, no? I mean it doesn’t seem like you guys have a good chance at a future? Was there any indication that there was going to be a fight that day? Did you guys go to the Grove as some last chance at normalcy and never make it? Did she just say that one thing that you wished she’d shut the fuck up about and you had to leave? Or were you leaving the Grove and the set-up for the tree lighting festival was just causing you too much stress? Did I not even witness a fight? Are you guys the world’s happiest couple and you like to play pranks on people even if you don’t really get to see their reaction? Who the hell are you people and thank you, for making me feel so sane in comparison.


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