Starbucks Is Not Expensive

I really need comedians, FM talk radio dj’s and characters on sitcoms and in movies to STOP for whatever reason, saying, “Well you’ll pay $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.” I go to Starbucks almost every morning. Coffee is $1.50 for a normal 12 oz. cup. The amount in my cup would fill 2 regular mugs that you would have at home. And I get free Sweet and Low and half and half with that coffee, even powdered vanilla at the counter!

Coffee at your average Mom and Pop’s type place – for example, Psychobabble on Vermont Ave in Los Feliz, cost me $2.00 for the same sized cup of coffee. 7-11 charges about $1.39 for the same sized cup. So sure I could save 11 cents but I could also have the styrofoam get flimsy, the ill-fitting lid fly off and wind up with a $10 dry cleaning bill. Starbucks does offer drinks that are almost $5 but these are dessert drinks, frappes, etc. Go to any diner and try to get a fancy drink for less than $5. You can’t.

I just think it’s easy and stupid to make that joke and it’s boring and I’m exhausted having to dispute it one on one. Why is anyone outraged at the price of coffee? It’s not even our right to have coffee.


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