Dream Small

I have an inspirational story for you. You don’t have to do any 12-steps or yoga to catch my inspiration fever, either. Just read and believe!

On Monday night (Memorial Day) I got an undeniable urge for my favorite chemically enhanced, no fat, no sugar, no carb, 10 calorie per oz, Topper’s Frozen Yogurt. At around 9:45 pm I drove over to Beverly and LaBrea, knowing in my heart that since it’s a holiday, they were going to close early. I arrived to see attractive Persians laughing and sparkling inside the brightly lit store but the door was locked. One kid mouthed, “Closed.” I drove off trying to remember as I was driving if I knew of any other frozen yogurt place. I screamed, “What is this, Needham?” (My old home town in Massachusetts) because the roads were empty and there shouldn’t only be one frozen yogurt place in such an anorexic city.

Tuesday night I tried again. I had $5 in my wallet. (Topper’s only takes cash. No ATM’s to be found in that neighborhood.) I pulled up and walked into the store and opened my wallet. $5 gone. Oh shit. That’s right, I bought a coffee and a birthday card for my grandmother earlier. (I drank the coffee, I was not going to mail it to her.)

I asked the counter guy where the nearest ATM is. He indicated that it’s 2 blocks that way (sorry you had to be there to see which direction he pointed in.) Shit. I know that ATM. My bank card never works in it. It’s a weird thing. I have to replace my Bank of America ATM card because the strip has worn down and doesn’t work in certain parts. And the counter man added, “You have ten minutes. We’re closing.”

I started to fume. I have PMS! Who the fuck doesn’t take debit cards in this day and age? At least get an ATM for the store. I didn’t say any of this. I thought it. I thought, “Why can’t someone just give me five dollars?” What a brat I am.

On my walk, I passed a Starbucks on the corner and I heard, “Jen!” I looked up and saw two old friends from Emerson College who I run into and hang out with every 6 months or so, Jeffrey and Shawn. They were drinking coffee and a red, knit hat sat on their table. I said, “I will talk to you on my way back. I have ten minutes to get cash and buy frozen yogurt.” Jeffrey said, “It’s on me.” I threw my arms in the air before he reached for his wallet, “No, no, no. Stop. I’m just going to go to the ATM.” Shawn lifted the red hat. A $5 bill sat under it. Shawn said, “Jeffrey bought me this big coffee and he put it on his debit card. I tried to pay him and he doesn’t want the money. I don’t want the money either. It’s been sitting under this hat and we both were not going to take it. We were almost trying to find a way to get rid of it.”

People, if you can dream it you can do it. I angrily and like a brat told the universe that I wanted $5 and it came to me. Why don’t you dream bigger, Jen? I do dream bigger but big dreams seem to get dashed. So I figure, hey world, can I have five dollars? And by God I got it. Don’t sell yourselves short. You’re all worth something. Just ASK for it.


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