Bank Error In My Favor

The guy in front of me at the ATM forgot to pick up his receipt. I didn’t notice it until I requested a receipt for my withdrawel. When I grabbed it to pick it up it said the balance was $85,000. For one second I thought I’m finally seeing a real life version of Monopoly, “Bank Error In Your Favor” advance to Park Place. But no it was someone else’s non-bank-error, not in my favor. I know $85,000 isn’t even that much money. But why have it just sit in your checking account? Maybe 30k but put the rest in some kind of high interest thing. When I have $85,000 to spare I’m going to turn it into gold coins and hire a hobbit to hide it under a very special glistening rock. Anyway I took his receipt and now it sits in my wallet for inspiration. I left my receipt behind for inspiration, you know, in case a small child with a piggy bank walks by and wants to know how it feels to be one step above keeping coins in a glass animal.


2 responses to “Bank Error In My Favor

  1. dantobindantobin

    I think you set a one-day blogging record. I look forward to tomorrow’s 9 posts.

    (You’re linked up on my blog now, and not just because you expressed love for Zep the very week I’ve rediscovered them.)

  2. Nice site. Check mine out if you can. johnny cash

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